Pre-order: December 8th
Launch: December 15th

About bobber

What is a bobber? Originally, a bobber was a unique, custom motorcycle that had all of its unnecessary parts stripped away so it could be styled to the owner’s personal taste. The only rule was that there were no rules.

by industry

Over 3 years
of development
and 100 tests

Design Award -
Red Dot 2020

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«If you are looking for a great alternative to the over-hyped brands, give the bobber a long, considerate look. The bobber offers a more sophisticated look, keeps cold things colder, hot things hotter, and even prevents spills.»

«If you need easy, affordable, and functional gifts for men to use on a daily basis, the Tumbler by bobber is perfect for your hot or cold-loving, rugged man on the go.»

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